Some of the nation's top prize-winning picture editors and skilled administrators make up the Kalish faculty. In the workshop's early years, the faculty, led by director John Ahlhauser, developed the workshop into one of the best in the country. Among the first faculty were J. Bruce Baumann, Bob Gilka, Claude Cookman, Carol McKay, Bob Lynn, Bill Blanton and Carolyn Lee.

Usually, eight faculty members are scheduled for each session. Most remain present for the entire session so there is ample interaction with all the attendees. In recent years, the faculty has included: Michel du Cille, Mark Edelson, Randall Greenwell, Richard Koci-Hernandez, Kenny Irby, Geri Migielicz, Sue Morrow, Tim Rasmussen, John Rumbach, Rebecca Sell, Scott Sines and Brian Storm.

The Kalish faculty volunteer their time and expertise; they sometimes even use vacation days to participate because they are committed to great visual storytelling and think that it's critical that they pass along their knowledge to others working in the field. Their dedication and passion for their profession are the keys to the success of The Kalish.

In addition, a group of faculty members administrate The Kalish. They provide direction, oversight and labor to assure the success of the Kalish from year-to-year. They are: Randy Cox, Randy Greenwell, Kevin Martin, Geri Migielicz, Sue Morrow, Scott Sines, John Rumbach, Brian Storm and Danny Gawlowski, the current director.

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